How to Identify and Solve the Issues of Pressure Regulators?

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Solve the Issues of Pressure Regulators

Pressure regulators help to control the pressure by making changes in the passage of the fluid. There are many factors that cause the pressure to increase at the industrial level and become the reason for the unhappy incident. The proper knowledge of flow control regulator, their working and the ability to identify the issues can be very helpful in determining the nature of the issues and solving it before it becomes a big problem.

For industrial systems, it’s crucial to have a precise flow rate, pressure and temperature as per the need of the process. Pressure regulators play a key role in keeping all of these process variables constant until the completion of a specific task. These devices can also fail that’s why it’s essential to identify failing regulators before it’s too late.

Here we have listed a three-step process to identify and solve the issues of the low pressure regulators: 

Understand the Process Need:

Instead of checking the flow control regulator, determine the requirements of the systems and the process such as the flow rate, pressure, temperature, process sensitivity and the media that has to flow through the regulator. Knowing this information will help you to understand whether the chosen regulator is suitable for the application or not. Various systems have different specifications and requirements and they need different electronic air pressure regulators to regulate the precise pressure. That’s why it’s essential to understand the process requirements.

Determine the Nature of the Issue:

The second step is to determine the nature of the issue whether the pressure is going up or below the set value. If the pressure is going up than the set value, then it means creep is occurring in the flow control regulator. Sometimes it occurs immediately just after the installation if the installation debris flows through the regulator. These contaminants create a huge gap between the seat and the poppet. It lets the media flow across the seat. Resultantly, the pressure goes up from the set value and it can be dangerous for the systems and the workers. This issue can be solved easily by installing the electronic pressure regulator correctly, upstream filtration and buying a spare kit. 

On the other hand, if the pressure is going down from the user-set value, then it means that the size of the flow control regulator is not appropriate for the application. You should change the regulator immediately to have the desired results. 

Explore your Options and try to solve the Issue:

After understanding the nature of the issue, you should perform the necessary actions to resolve it so that the system can outperform. For this, explore your options and choose the best solutions. Get the assistance of a professional or a supplier to get rid of the unwanted pressure increase or decrease. 

Final Words:

Fluctuations in the upstream or downstream pressure show that the flow control regulator is not working accurately. The above-listed steps are very useful in finding and solving the issues of pressure regulators.

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