Who should attend PMP certification online?

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Who should attend PMP certification online?

Project Management Profession (PMP) certification exam has gained popularity as an excellent
way to progress in one’s career and to learn additional skills. The training for the certification
can be taken online these days, which has done wonders to make the certification more
accessible. For candidates who have both options, it is easy to wonder whether they should
take PMP certification online or offline.

Who is online PMP Certification best for?

Before one can appear for the PMP exam, one should have 35 hours of project management
education or training according to the course defined by PMI. And this training can be done both
online and offline. So, who should take this certification online? The answer to this question is
contingent on the following factors:

● Is the person eligible?

Before wondering whether one should take a PMP certification course online or offline, one
should first check and confirm whether one is eligible for the same. The candidate should have
at least 4,500 hours of experience in leading and directing projects before they can apply for the
PMP certification. Please note that these will not include 35 hours of project management
education or training.

● Are candidates living in remote regions?

PMP certification courses may not be available as many parts of the planet do not have
institutes providing such courses. Candidates who may be living or working in such regions may
not be able to find a course in the traditional manner. Luckily, an online course provides a better
alternative; all they will need to attend the training online is a good internet connection and a
device to access it.

● Does one have a day job?

The candidates that have a day job may not be able to find the time to actually reach the
physical location of the training. Online certification courses might be the best course for them –
letting them take training at the time and place of their preferences. Online courses can be
excellent for people working as project managers, team managers, project consultants, etc.

● Is the best institute available online or offline?

Not all institutes providing PMP course training are the same. Candidates may not have access
to the best training institute offline, and in such cases, going for online training is the best course
as one can easily find online courses from the top institutes easily.

● Whether the candidate will prefer to learn at their own pace?

Candidates who wish to learn at their own pace should go for an online PMP certification
course. That is one of the biggest perks of online candidates.

The Bottom Line

One can easily conclude that an online PMP certification course has its own unique advantages
that often make it the best option. Based on the discussion above, candidates can easily
determine whether online training is suited to their needs. For readers looking to take the course
online or offline, checking the step by step guide to PMP certification can be a good first step
toward a better future.

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